Leather Burnisher

Leather Burnisher

Our leather burnisher is perfect to smooth and seal wooden shafts.

Shape It

Use the top of the tool radius abrasive to initially shape or re-shape tip to perfect sized radius. Slowly rotate tip and stroke the length of the tool across the top of the tip until uniform radius is achieved.

Scuff It

Use the flat bottom of the tool to scuff your tip to maximize chalk holding properties. DO NOT drag across surface as you will alter the shape of the tip. Simply press the tool firmly against the tip and rock across the tip surface, rotate the shaft and repeat until the entire tip surface has been textured. You should not remove tip material while scuffing.

Mushroom Repair

Use the abrasive side of the tool and roll your shaft on flat surface and stroke tool across mushroomed area of tip while rolling shaft until tip is no longer mushroomed and is uniformly round.

Tip Burnishing

Use the leather side of the tool and roll your shaft on flat surface while rapidly stroking the leather across the sides of the tip in order to seal and harden (burnish) the sides of the tip. In addition to improving the tip’s appearance this strengthens the sides of the tip and will reduce mushrooming.